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It's not just about looks.

From the time I started my style journey, my look has definitely changed with time, and truthfully, for the better. No really, at times I find myself looking back at high school pictures, and shaking my head at my early style choices. Although at 26, I don’t see myself necessarily rocking the looks that I wore as a teen, I have a lot of respect for my early expression, and carefree experimentation with my style. My early style, stood as a representation of who I was at that time. I noticed, that the older I got, and the more I developed as an individual, the more my style developed as well.

There is a huge personal growth aspect that is associated with redefining our styles, that is rarely spoken about, but to me it stands as an essential factor in someone’s style development. When you are open to growing personally, and open to furthering your self-discovery, your style will also openly redefine itself. Before you redefine your style you should ask yourself, how would I define or describe my style? If I was to meet you on the street, and asked you that question, how would you answer it? Think about it.

If you are stuck on that question, then here are some questions to help you out. How would you describe yourself? What are some of your go-to pieces, or repeated pieces and looks? What are your go-to colors? What stores do you shop at and why? Who are some of your style inspirations (if you have any) or styles that you admire, and why?

Before you redefine your style, it’s beneficial to know how you would describe it. In this case, redefine stands for giving new meaning to your style. Below I have described four valuable views on why it’s important for individuals, to redefine their styles:

1. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone

When you redefine your look, it simultaneously pushes you to step out of your comfort zone. The fast moving pace of fashion, constantly introduces new and recycled trends, colors, prints, cuts, and styles into the market, for creative people such as you and I, to experiment with. For example, you might be witnessing new summer trends, such as the fanny pack look, that you want to rock, but… instead of experimenting with the look you express the common cop out of, “How you don’t think that look would look good on you.” By challenging yourself to break out of your comfort zone, you will become more comfortable and confident in taking fashion risk. Also, you may be someone that dislikes wearing trends, but honestly in my opinion, every trendsetter, once wore, and still wears trends, the key factor there is that they wear them, in their own way. Stepping out of your comfort zone, in my opinion is what keeps our styles creative, fresh and up to date, but most importantly personalized. The more you step out of your imaginary zone, the more it will reveal you to your true sense of style.

2. Your style will grow with Maturity

Sometimes, as we grow and mature as people, we notice that certain things we used to find interesting, we don’t find interesting anymore. This is very natural. The same goes for your personal style, in times of growth, some of your likes, dislikes, interest and overall personality will transform. For example, your statement pieces, aren’t really your statement pieces anymore. Your go-to jeans, aren’t really your go-to jeans anymore. Even the stores you currently love or enjoy visiting, you may lose interest in them, as you continue to embark on your style journey. By redefining your look, it influences your style to keep up with your growth as a person. Keep in mind, that said your growth, and not your age. There is a huge difference there. We want to focus on our growth because our growth is our overall development as a being, and our age is just a number, especially when it comes to fashion. In my eyes, there is no age limit to when you need to stop expressing yourself in life, this is your life, try not to allow societal expectations or limitations, to define it for you.

3. It allows you to experiment, while figuring out what works for you, and what doesn’t

Experimenting with your style, is not only fun, but reassuring, because it gives you the confidence to know what works for you, and what doesn’t, instead of creating assumptions or doubts. For example, if you have been interested in trying Bold colors this summer, but you refrain from getting a really cute mustard yellow crop top, because you think it’s, “not your style”  or “it wouldn’t look good on you” you are limiting your own style development, by allowing your close-mindedness to takeover. You will truly never know unless you try, and yes that saying is very cliche, but at least it’s the truth, right? If you like something, or you’re interested in trying something new, then go for it! Learning what works for you, is just as important as learning what doesn’t. Also, personally, mustard yellow looks good on a lot of people to me! Based on the colors I choosed for my site, clearly I like that color. Lol

4. You will become more Open-Minded

Honestly y’all, in my opinion, open-mindedness is one of the major components in supporting individuals on the journey of redefining their styles. Without an open mind, it would be quite difficult for you to engage in the first three points that I stated above. Stepping out your comfort zone, growing as an individual, and knowing what works for you and what doesn’t, all orbit around the concept of open-mindedness. The ability to take risk, to be daring with your style, and to be open to change, all involve an open-mind.

So to wrap this up, Be confident in who you are flaws and all, be eager to experiment, and be carefree about expressing it. To me fashion is art, your body is the canvas, your style is the paint, and your personality is the artist. What I define as a true fashionista or fashionisto, is someone that has their own look, but is never hesitant to switch it up, in other words, someone who isn’t afraid to R-E-D-E-F-I-N-E.

Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks for stopping by again? Have you ever redefined your style? And if so what was your express like? Fill free to like or express below!

Thanks again everyone, and until next time!




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